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Oak Barrels
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Our oak barrels are decorative and utility products, which can be used as a promotional gift (keepsakes) items, designed to be placed into various operations and also function as a bins for long-time-keeping and maturing distilates.

Oak barrels are manufactured according to original barrel-making technology. Stave's and head's timber oak is selected by traditional criteria. Staves are bent up on fire with gently or mediumly crozzled core of barrel.

Hoops and rivets are made up from stainless steel, bronze colored by special thermal treatment. Stands are also from oak timber. Oak bangs are about to seal up bung holes. According to customers's requirements, brass taps can be embedded.

External surface may eventualy be cerated by bee wax or paraffin, that outlines wooden drawing, becomes less sensitive to external influences, moderates distilate's natural vaporization, but its age will not be affected.


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